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About Us

Saint Louis Hop Shop is co-owned by brothers Justin Harris & Ryan Griffin. Both share a passion for well-crafted things where time and dedication becomes a rewarding outcome. Craft beer fits right into that category. Microbreweries in Saint Louis are all about originality and they all have their own style. With all the wonderful beer here in Saint Louis, Mo. the objective is to create a place people could find some of their local favorites while being introduced to variety of beers from all over the country. The idea of being able to purchase single beers instead of committing to an entire 6 pack creates the opportunity to find what you really enjoy about different microbreweries. From Saint Louis Hop Shop branded merchandise to rare beers, we truly believe there is something here for everyone.

The essence of beer in Missouri has strengthened our community and connected so many people organically. It is our duty to stimulate this growth and continue being a catalyst between good beer and those who appreciate it.Saint Louis Hop Shop

Our Story

How the Saint Louis Hop Shop came along is simple. Tasting through different craft beers became a hobby in our pass time. Eventually discovering new beers became an issue without having to leave city limits for a more diverse selection. We felt it was only right to bring a bottle shop to the City of Saint Louis. Our goal is to give people access to a little bit of everything so we bring in new beers weekly. We also have a tasting bar with 4 revolving taps so have a beer as you walk through the store!

A big part of Saint Louis Hop Shop’s vision is to connect the community by providing good beer and even better customer service. Festivals, in-store tastings, hosting happy hours…we are all about evolving the craft beer scene here in Saint Louis while taking the time out to appreciate the art within itself. #STapLe